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Controls & Drives

Variable Frequency Drive

Save 20-50% on energy costs and gain reliable control of HVAC Equipment with new BT300 VFDs. While constantly expected to do more with less, managing energy consumption and optimizing occupant comfort remains of utmost importance to facility managers. They require products that will integrate seamlessly into existing equipment and building management systems. The highly efficient BT300 delivers all this and more.

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Siemens Variable Frequency Drive

AC Drives

medium voltage ac drive

 AC drives in the range of 250 kW to more than 100 MW. Medium voltage variable speed drives for a wide range of applications in the cement, mining and minerals; power; water; metals; marine and chemical, oil and gas industries. They are used to adapt the motor speed to the actual need, thus optimizing energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.

DC Drives

ABB DC Drive

DC Drives can be used in most industrial applications as well as for the modernization of old plants. We offers the complete portfolio of three-phase DC drives - from 9 kW (12 Hp) up to 18 MW (24 000 Hp). ABB DC drives are available directly from ABB or through valued ABB Drives partners. Test.

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Variable Speed Drives

Hitachi industrial AC variable frequency drives are equipped with several advanced features, and deliver unprecedented performance, reliability, and flexibility. Hitachi holds deep expertise in manufacturing new generation AC variable frequency drives that offer high level functionality and accuracy

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Pressure Transmitters

Danfoss pressure transmitters help you keep demanding industrial processes under control. Accurate, robust and built for long life, they perform reliably day after day, even in the harshest environments.

danfoss pressure transmitters

Solenoid Valves

ICLX servo valves belong to the Flexline™ range. ICLX are used in suction lines for the opening against high differential pressure, e.g. after hot gas defrost in large industrial refrigeration systems with ammonia, fluorinated refrigerants or CO2.

ICLX, Solenoid valves

Pressure Switches

The range of pressure switches includes components for general industrial use as well as specialized switches for demanding applications.

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Temperature Sensors

The Danfoss range of temperature sensors is based on decades of global experience within the marine industry and in refrigeration plants - undoubtedly some of the toughest environments around. Even in these demanding surroundings you can trust our products; they have a long life thanks to their robust design.

danfoss temperature sensors


The contactor range includes minicontactors from 2.2. to 5 kW and control relays/ contactors from 2.2 to 238 kW. The range of auxiliary functions and accessories is very comprehensive and includes: auxiliary contact blocks, timer blocks, interface modules, suppression blocks, mechanical interlocks, rating plates and many more.

danfoss contactor

Variable Speed Drives

Speed Drives are dedicated designs for refrigeration applications and are supplied with or without RFI, for motor sizes from 0.75 kW to 75 kW, with IP20 or IP54 enclosures. For capacity control of compressors, fans and pumps. AKD can be easily applied with the standard EKC531 and AK-PC Pack Controllers for infinitely variable speed control and energy optimization of condenser fans and/or compressors, matching required capacity to load variations. In HVAC applications around the refrigeration system, they can also be applied to AHU fans and circulation pumps, maximizing energy savings and improving system efficiency.

danfoss variable speed drive

Pressure Transducer

Available in pressure ranges from 1 to 14 bar or 15 to 200 psi and capable of operating over a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C, the 3300 offers voltage and current outputs in a range of electrical connections and pressure ports. The 3300 transducer’s versatility makes it well suited for many applications across general industry, transportation and medical markets.

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Pressure Switches

Offers a choice of pressure switches, from compact cylindrical models for OEM use, to larger, enclosed units for rugged process applications.  These switches are ideal for the filtering process of coolants in the machine tool industry, use in transmissions of off-highway vehicles and as redundant systems with existing monitors such as transducers.

pressure switches

Level Switches

Offers the broadest selection of single point liquid level switches anywhere. Our switches are available in a vast range of sizes, mountings and materials and sensing technologies. Gems float-level switches with proven reed switch design offer trouble-free service with precise repeatability.  Our electro-optic liquid level sensors are compact with solid-state switching and no moving parts.   

level switches

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valve gives you a highly adaptable design for practically all applications requiring flow between CV 0.019 and 0.300.  This robust 2- or 3-way miniature solenoid utilizes a stainless steel body to resist corrosion for most acids, alkaline solutions, and harsh environments.  Also available in plastic

a series solenoid valve

Flow Switches

These switches feature high quality, corrosion-resistant materials for use in the toughest environments. Material choices, ranging from stainless steel to Ryton offer vast chemical compatibility. Versions include switches with fixed or adjustable actuation settings, models for viscosity compensation or high pressures, in-line models and designs to satisfy any mounting or space requirement.

flow switches


Open circuit board design. Series AM provides convenient plug-in design, either octal socket or DIN mount. The housing carries no NEMA rating.


Proximity Switches

The PRX-100 is designed for long life and easy installation in a variety of applications including: industrial warewashers, equipment automation, medical instruments, and safety interlocks. The Gems PRX-300 Series offers a line of cost effective, high performance, reed switch stress relief technology for use as safety switches.

gems proximity switches


Find the Right Valve for Your Application The extensive line of NIBCO® butterfly, ball, gate, circuit balancing, stop and waste valves represents a history of innovation and quality engineering. The promise of quality is backed by the NIBCO warranty, customer service expertise, specification and selection assistance.

nibco valves


Find the Right Fitting for the JobFittings With a full range of materials and applications, NIBCO has the right fittings to get the job done. Find fittings for industrial, commercial, mechanical, fire protection, and residential flow-control systems. Specify NIBCO® fittings for the best solution.

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Flow Force

Custom design and build control panels for customers particular applications. Variable and constant speed, with quality parts and technical support