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Water Heaters & Tanks

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Expansion Tanks

Compression, Bladder and Diaphragm. Each tank style has models that are either ASME or Non-ASME coded. Tanks range in size from 2 to 10,000 gallons. Most of Wessels pressure vessels are designed using a pre-pressurized vessel with an internal bladder or diaphragm to manage fluids under pressure. The majority of Wessels products are standard catalogue models, with over 6,000 tanks in inventory for immediate shipment. Custom tanks are produced to customer specifications, for high pressures and/or special materials for severe duty applications.

wessels expansion tanks

Expansion Tanks

Manchester Tank is the premier manufacturer of pressure vessels. Founded in 1946, Manchester Tank produces quality pressure vessels in North America.

Manchester Tank product lines include:

expansion tank bladder tank

Bladder Tanks

ELBI’s HTS and HTL Series Expansion Tanks are designed according to the ASME CODE Section VIII - Div. 1 using the latest technology in terms of manufacturing processes and quality control. Available in 150 psi maximum working pressure. Intended for use in hydronic heating systems, these tanks accept the expanded volume of hot water keeping the system pressure below the relief valve setting, thus preventing dangerous pressure build-up. All models are fitted with a replaceable bladder.

ASME bladder tank

Commercial Boilers

Crest Condensing Boiler

SYNC Condensing Boiler

Knight XL

Outdoor Knight Boiler

Power-Fin Boiler

Copper Fin II Boiler

Copper Fin Commercial Gas Boiler

Copper Fin Atmospheric Boiler

Commercial Electric Compact Boilers

Commercial Electric Steam Boilers

Commercial Electric Boilers

Commercial Water Heaters

Armor X2 Condensing Water Heater


Armor Wall Mount

Outdoor Armor Condensing Water Heater

Power-Fin Water Heater

Copper-Fin II Water Heater

Shield Commercial Water Heater

Copper-Fin Commercial Gas Water Heater

Copper-Fin Atmospheric Gas

Efficiency+ Water Heater

Efficiency Pac

Light Duty Commercial Electric

Light Duty Charger

Multi-Flue Charger

Low NOx Charger

Ultra Low NOx Charger  

Custom Hi-Power   

Compact ASME Hi-Power   

Standard Hi Power Immersion Thermostat Model  

Standard Hi-Power Surface Thermostat Model

electric water heater lochinvar

Pool & Spa Heaters

Copper-Fin 2 Pool Heater  

Aquas Commercial Pool Package  

XLP Pool Package  


commercial pool heater


Hot Water Generators  

Squire Indirect Water Heater  

Lock-Temp Square Jacketed Tanks  

Lock-Temp Round Jacketed Tanks  

Lock-Temp Bare Tanks  

Lock-Temp Stainless Steel Storage Tank  

Insulated Outdoor Lock-Temp Tank  

Buffer Tank / Hydraulic Separator

Chilled Water Buffer Tank   

Squire Stainless Steel Buffer Tank  

Hot Water Generator

hot water generators

Package Systems

Power Fin Package System  

Copper Fin II Package Systems  

Copper Fin Water Heater Package Systems  

Aquas Commercial Pool Package  

XLP Pool Package

water heater package system

Lochinvar spare parts also available

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Pool & Spa Heat Pumps

Classic Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Compact Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Specialty Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Pool & Spa Heaters

Digital and Millivolt Pool/Spa Heaters  

Digital Low NOx Pool/Spa Heaters  

Electric Spa-Pak Heaters  

Versa™ Above Ground Pool/Spa Heaters  

Versa™ Spa Heaters

Additional Rheem parts also available

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Pool & Spa Heaters

The new Hayward® Universal H-Series gas heaters are made for commercial use. Like the rest of our H-Series line, they combine industry-leading hydraulics, exceptional performance, energy efficiency and reliability, with planet-friendly low-NOx emissions. You can count on genuine Hayward replacement parts for continued reliability.

Pool Pumps

In Ground Pools  

Above Ground Pools

pool pump pool heat pump

Pool Heat Pumps

Heat Pro

Summit Heat Pump

Pool Pumps

Pool Pumps by Jandy - Stealth, Epump Flo Pro and More

jandy pool pump

Heat Pumps

Pool Heat Pumps Jandy Air Energy Pool Heaters

pool heat pump