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Fire & Domestic Water Products

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Fire Pump Controllers

Standard Features

• Single operator for both isolating switch and circuit breaker

• Surge arrestor

• Start, Delayed Stop, Instant Stop and Silence/Reset pushbuttons

• Variable-Preset- By-pass speed mode selector switch

• Run test push button

• Remote start / deluge valve start provision

• Emergency start handle

• Locked rotor protector

• Phase reversal indication

• Alarm contacts for remote indication

• Pressure transducer (2) for fresh water application externally mounted with protective cover

• Line fuses for VFD protection

• Line and load contactors for VFD isolation

• 5% line reactor

VPx fire pump controller

Jockey Pump Controllers

Electrical Features:  

    HP reated door interlocked disconnect switch

    Thermo-magnetic motor protector

    Across the line motor contactor

    24VAC control circuit

Control Features:

    Micro-processor based logic (Patent Pending)

    Electronic pressure monitoring

    Pressure transducer of 316 stainless steel construction and 0-300psi range

model JP Jockey Pump controller

Transfer Switches


Miscellaneous Parts

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Fire Pump Controllers

FT40 Part Winding with Automatic Transfer Switch

FT80 Wye-Delta (Star-Delta) Closed with Automatic Transfer Switch

FT50 Primary Resistor with Automatic Transfer Switch

FT90 Soft Start with Automatic Transfer Switch

FT60 Autotransformer with Automatic Transfer Switch

FT30 Across-the-Line with Automatic Transfer Switch

FT70 Wye-Delta (Star-Delta) Open with Automatic Transfer Switch

FD90 Soft Start, Reduced Voltage Fire Pump Controller (Wiring Schematic)

Jockey Pump Controllers

FDJ SERIES Jockey Pump Controllers Features

Transfer Switches

Automatic Transfer Switches are critical components of any emergency or standby power system. Transfer switches are reliable, rugged, versatile and compact assemblies for transferring essential loads and electrical distribution systems from one power source to another.

Fire Pump Controllers

Full Voltage Starting Electric Fire Pump Controllers  All Firetrol Fire Pump Controllers are factory assembled, wired, tested as a unit and confirmed to all requirements of the latest edition of NFPA-20 (Centrifugal Fire Pumps) and NFPA-70 (National Electrical Code). Firetrol controllers are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., in accordance with UL218, Standard for Fire Pump Controllers, CSA, Standard for Industrial Control Equipment (cUL) and approved by Factory Mutual (FM).

electric fire pump controller

Alarm Panels

Whether you need a simple monitoring panel for a fire sprinkler system or a complex addressable system incorporating smoke and fan controls, rely on Flow Innovations experienced professionals to design, install, inspect and service the life safety system appropriate for your business facility.

firetrol alarm panels

Transfer Switches

Firetrol® Power Transfer Switches are available completely assembled with Firetrol Limited Service Controllers. The entire package of power transfer switch and controller is completely factory assembled, wired, tested and shipped as a complete unit for easy field connection to the power sources and the fire pump motor.

firetrol transfer switch

Jockey Pump Controllers

Firetrol® FTA550E XG Jockey Pump Controllers are intended for use with fire pump systems. They are used for pressure maintenance in fire pump installations to prevent unnecessary cycling of the main fire pump.

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Fire Pump Controllers

Fire Pump Controller Catalog

Jockey Pump Controllers

Pump Controllers are in the same system as the main fire pump controller(s). Their purpose is to maintain normal water pressure and to help prevent unnecessary cycling of the main fire pump(s).

metron jockey pump controller

Transfer Switches

Automatic Transfer Switch provides operation of electric fire pump motors from a alternate source of power when the normal source fails. They may be used with any Metron electric fire pump controller - across-the-line, primary resistance, part winding, Wye-Delta, Auto Transformer or Solid State Reduced Voltage Types. These transfer switches are an integral part of the fire pump controller. They are factory assembled, shipped and installed as a part of the controller.

metron transfer switch

Alarm Panels

Metron Model RAP-D (Diesel Engine Controllers) and RAP-E (Electric Motor Controllers) alarm panels have been designed to provide reliable audible and visual alarms for electric and diesel fire pump controllers in accordance with NFPA 20. This requires that visual and audible alarms powered by a reliable source, not exceeding 125 volts, be located at a point of constant attendance when the pump room is not constantly attended.

fire remote alarm panel

Spare Metron parts also available

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Fire Pump Controllers

The Automatic Transfer Switch ensures that if primary power fails, the electric fire pump controller begins operating from emergency power (without user intervention). Upon restoration of normal power, the electric fire pump controller will resume operation from primary power. LED power indicators as well as an audible alarm are included as standard features on an Automatic Transfer Switch equipped electric fire pump controllers. N.O. And N.C. contacts are provided for remote signal of the switch position

joslyn clark fire pump controller

Jockey Pump Controllers

Also offers a Jockey Pump electric fire pump controller as an accessory to a main or limited service pump. This very small electric fire pump controller maintains stand-by pressure in the fire protection system to prevent wear on the main pump. Joslyn Clark type JM Jockey Pump controllers are available with automatic type starting as standard. This type of electric fire pump controller is available in a wall-mounting enclosure that meets type 2, 12, and 3R requirements with an optional 4X rating.

joslyn clark jockey pump controller

Spare Joslyn Clark parts also available.

Fire Pump Controllers

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Our standard controller, the MC Series Fire Pump Controller, is engineered to the highest standards in the industry. It surpasses NFPA 20, UL and FM requirements as well as includes extra options such as the DR Pressure and Alarm Recorder.

master fire pump controller

Jockey Pump Controllers

Jockey Pump Controllers are built to automatically start and stop pump-motor assemblies between 1/3 to 7.5 horsepower for JPCs, and 1/3 to 30 horsepower for PMCs. They are typically used to maintain water pressures in closed systems.

master jockey pump controller

Alarm Panels


      - Includes Crank Disconnect Relay

        - Fully Rated

        - Solid State Control

        - Output isolated from A.C. line

        - Line Compensated

        - D.C. Voltage Regulated

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Fire Pumps

VIL Fire Pump Brochure

HSC Fire Pump Brochure

End Suction Fire Pump Brochure

Vertical Turbine Fire Pump Product Information

armstrong fire pump

Jockey Pumps

VMS Product Information Brochure

armstrong jockey pumps

Domestic Water Pumps

Design Envelope Booster Systems Brochure

DualPAK Boosters Product Information Brochure

HydroPAK - Product Information Brochure

Sump & Sewage Column Pumps Product Information Brochure

design envelope boosters 6800 dualPAK boosters HydroPAK booster sump sewage column pump

Spare Armstrong parts also available.

Sump Pumps

Grundfos Sump Pumps include the SU25 Grundfos Sump Pump, the KP models of Grundfos Sump Pumps, and AP12 Grundfos Sump Pumps. These sump pumps vary by Horse power, cord length, and the size of solids they can handle.

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Pumping Systems

Commercial Pumps


Fairbanks Nijhuis





Jung Pumpen



Delta Environmental

Southern Cross

pentair pumping system pentair pool pump

Industrial Pumps

Fairbanks Nijhuis




Jung Pumpen





Southern Cross

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Booster Pump Systems

The next generation in system design:

    Genius E - End Suction Low Pressure/High Flow VFD Booster

    Genius V - Vertical Multi-Stage High Pressure/Low Flow VFD Booster

    WisperFlo - High Flow/High Pressure/Low Noise VFD Booster

    Prodigy - Economy Series Duplex VFD Booster

    Atom - Compact Version for Residential, Light Commercial and Retail Applications

    Pump Controls - Custom controls as OEM components or project-specific solutions

    Packaged Fire System - Unique packaged system exclusive to the fire pump market